Halloween – goodies and then rain!

In Santa Barbara, we have been in a severe drought for awhile now. We even have water police that wander around and see if you are watering your plants or grass at the wrong times, etc. It’s been interesting and dry – very like Colorado summers. This year, as we were getting ready for Halloween, we thought about how in Colorado it usually snowed on Halloween so the little kids would bundle ¬†up and either get a really BIG costume that fit over their outerwear or wear their coats loose over their costumes. It was every parent’s conundrum.

As usual, we gave out candy plus toys and trinkets.

Halloween 2014

Last year the beads were a big hit and the cars and flyers, so this year it was bracelets and balls.


One of the biggest compliments we got on Halloween night was “Oh, I remember this house from last year!”

bucket o'halloween goodies

And just as the older kids started coming by, it began to rain. This was a downpour and it went on for hours, started back up at night and kept pouring. It was amazing. It did chase all the kids home and put a complete stop to trick-or-treat fun, and the decorations are still drying out on the back porch, but wow, rain.

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