Do you sit on one of these?

I recently bought one of these super tough exercise balls to sit on in my home office.

sit on a ball

I was noticing some stiffness in my hips due to my little snuggly girl wanting to sit on my lap while I’m working. Of course, when she’s comfy and purring I don’t want to move around the way I should because she’s so darned cute. Steve said Emily would protest the ball – no lap for her – but we worked out an arrangement.

emily gets the chair

Here’s what I’ve learned from sitting on the ball:

  • Start slowly – just an hour or so at the beginning
  • Wriggling is good – burns calories, tightens the core
  • Keep it inflated – the right height is important

I’m always wriggling around on the ball. I’m a natural fidgeter and this gives me more fidget capabilities. I once read that knitting is productive fidgeting. I also noticed that I got really tired sitting on the ball.

Yes, tired from sitting.

I was sore the first day, but a good sore – across my sides and into the hip area. It felt like a light workout, which is fine by me.

I do have to limit my ball sitting time, however, because I get really truly physically exhausted – the fidget factor.

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