Thanksgiving on the Left Hand Coast

So, our Thanksgiving was bright and warm. We decided to do something different this year and cook a brisket instead of turkey. We put the brisket in the oven on a nice, low temperature and we continued our work on the bathroom renovation. We haven’t had any time to work on it since the door finally got installed, and the first thing I did was change the color of the bathroom from the too-lively blue to a green that better matched the glass tiles in the shower.

I know, I know … I don’t like green, but it’s often the perfect color for the walls and this color is the same as the color in the guest bedroom, so I think it makes sense.

With everything tucked safely in the oven …

thanksgiving cooking

We took off on our bikes to visit the beach because why not?

goleta pier

We walked along the Goleta beach pier and did the tourist thing – take pictures of seagulls. Only tourists take pictures of seagulls, but this one was looking so funny I thought the blog readers would enjoy him.

thanksgiving seagull

We stopped by our local produce stand and picked up some fresh asparagus and headed home.

thanksgiving bike ride

We pulled the pie out of the oven and put it on the new mosaic tile trivet I made last week.

mosaic trivet

Sweet potato pie with a crunchy pecan topping …



All in all, a good day. Hope your Thanksgiving was terrific too!

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