Donuts by the Beach – Big Changes

So last week I started a new job. Yes JOB as in going into the office, sitting in a cube, and tapping away on a foreign computer over which I have no control and can’t even choose my own browser JOB. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with self-employment, but when my primary employer had to release me to focus on other things, I never really got the hang of marketing myself as effectively as I should. I was also immediately distracted by the effort of creating Audible Yoga, and didn’t have time to focus on finding the work I needed. So, after a year of trying to figure it out,I have decided to take a job and simply work instead of looking for work so I can focus on growing my skills and creating Audible Yoga.

It sucks for Emily – she’s a little lonely, but Steve makes her fantastic kitty tents and she snoozes much of the day. She would do this anyway while I was at home, but she had the option to go in and out and sit on my lap. We cuddle and give her loads of attention when we get home.

This morning, we had donuts on the beach. We chatted, fed the seagulls some stale bread crumbles, and wandered listening to the waves. It was lovely. I forgot to take my camera or phone, so no photos, but you’ll have to trust me. It was a great way to have a lazy Sunday morning breakfast in California.

The job is with the University of California. I am thrilled to find out that it is a challenging and creative position and I am happy to sink my teeth into it. It isn’t as flexible as I might like, but it will do. It also gives me all the rest of my days – evenings, weekends, early mornings, and lunches to focus on Audible Yoga.

So, that’s the big news … photos of more fun things coming soon.

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