Christmas in Albuquerque

Hey folks, sorry for the delay. I’m overworked and well, it happens.

The star of the show this Christmas was, of course, this little man.

Owen's first Christmas

As you may have predicted, boxes, ribbons, and other extraneous stuff was great fun.

Owen's first Christmas

He has the most adorable personality, and that face!

Owen's first Christmas

He loved the book his Auntie gave him – very tasty.

book - yum!

He and I spent a little time reading it and exploring the little doors that open.

books are fun

He also loved the soccer ball and spent a good deal of time ‘kicking’ it from the floor and using it as an exercise ball – complete with little huffy groans.

Owen's soccer ball

Later on, he got to meet his cousin.

Owen and Allie Jean

And his Papa learned just how to put him to sleep.

Owen and his Papa

And sometimes I get him too.

Gigi and Owen

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