Day 2 of a 3-day Weekend

So, it is day two of the three-day weekend and today, we had breakfast at the beach.

Breakfast at the Beach

It is STILL hard to believe I live here. Yes, I wrote that and yes, it is hard. If anyone told me I would live in Santa Barbara someday and regularly be on the beach – at lunch time even! – I would have told them they are crazy.

This place grows on you.

And for all the DeWalts who read this silly blog (and our daughters) … Steve still feeds the wildlife. He can’t help it.

Steve feeds the birds

It’s in his code. These are the pancakes we couldn’t finish because the pile of pancakes was huge. Steve doesn’t like to waste food and so it goes the the seagulls and pigeons. Passersby are less than happy with him. I stand away to avoid potential poop and ugly glares. I’m cool like that. Plus, the photos are better over here.



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