Happy Anniversary California Style – Day 2

Continuing our anniversary weekend, we left Morro Bay and continued up the coast. Anniversary weekend Day 1 was all about getting rested and getting some sunshine, Day 2 was about hiking in Big Sur. But first, we had to stop off and see the elephant seals.

elephant seals




You can see a video of the elephant seals too.

Lots and lots of seals sunning themselves and resting. Lots of barking too. Apparently it was also mating season, so there was some fighting among the males and they would chase each other and their lady seal into the ocean.

seals snuggling


We drove a little further and we were in Big Sur. Ah, it is so, so lovely here and when you hike and get to the top you can see the Pacific ocean.

Big Sur Hiking

Big Sur Coastline

Big Sur Hiking

I cannot describe how good it felt to pull on and lace up my hiking boots again. They have not had a good time in California, and it’s not their fault. I have no time to hike with two jobs and it’s just been insane lately. It was refreshing and amazing to be hiking again.

We stopped at the falls, of course, because that view is just incredible.


… and continued up the most gorgeous coastline.

Big Sur Coastline

We rested this night in Carmel where the shower behaved perfectly but the walls were very thin. Adorable little hotel, but zero soundproofing.


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  1. Ellen Lukasik
    March 9, 2015

    So glad to see that the little cove with the tiny waterfall is still unspoiled. It looks just as it did in 1969!!! Big Sur is such a special area and so glorious.

    Glad you two had a grand anniversary weekend.


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