We Got our Irish On in Chicago

So, last weekend we visited our eldest kid in Chicago. We stayed in an awesome hotel with floor-to-ceiling windows and views of the lake and the city.

Thompson Hotel Chicago

We saw the buildings …

Chicago Water works

We rode the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier …

Ferris Wheel Navy Pier

We took goofy pictures of each other …

Goofy pictures

I don’t normally squint like this but the sun was in my eyes!

Goofy pictures

As you can see, we had lovely weather and we did not freeze (we were worried about that) …

View of Chicago

We heard our eldest kid say things like, “I need to keep an eye on you two … you keep wandering in different directions. It’s like herding impulsive cats.” It’s a good day when you can irritate your kid that way.

We took pictures of strangers texting next to statues with paper and pen.

Strangers texting

More goofy pictures …


We even remembered to take a picture together – this almost never happens:

Virginia and Steve

This is a cool lighthouse …


This was the list my daughter made of things for us to do – is this my kid or what?

Chicago list

We saw the Bean …

Chicago Bean

And took more goofy pictures of ourselves in the reflection …

Bean Reflection

And even more weird pictures under the Bean …

Under the Bean

We saw them turn the river green …

Chicago River turns Green

We went in the Chicago Tribune building and took pictures of the press-related sayings – lots of them – here is one:

Free Press

We took more pictures of the very green river …

Chicago River goes Green

Lots of action on the river …

Irish Flag on the Chicago River

We had Chicago Cupcake Company treats … oh my gosh these were good!

Chicago Cupcake

We drank Bloody Mary’s and ateĀ Twisted Farm Food (great restaurant – HUGE portions!) at breakfast, took an architecture boat tour, and met up with our neice and her boyfriend:


We also RAN to hear the bagpipe players …

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  1. Ellen Lukasik
    March 18, 2015

    Wow! What an action-packed fun trip!


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