What’s in there Mama? A friend, Emily

After we lost Max, we pretty much spent a month or two mourning him. He was the most amazing cat and a real friend. It was super hard to let him go. Emily has been pretty bored by herself, and she’s gotten quite demanding, so it was time to trot on down to the local kitty shelter and see if we could find her a friend.

We found Luna.

Meet Luna

She’s getting used to her new home from the safety of the guest bedroom. She is compact – only 8 pounds – and all fluff. Long hair and the cutest tufts on her ears. She kept us up last night meowing softly and trying to open the door, so Steve went in there to keep her company.

Emily has only seen peeks so far.

Emily peeking at Luna

We keep the door a little cracked so they can introduce themselves slowly. I have my fingers crossed that they become great friends. Luna is shy like Emily is, so I think they will get along nicely.


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