Introducing Haskell’s Beach – just 5 minutes away

So, as you know Steve and I work hard – all the time, all days, most weekends, often in the evening – all the time. We have a lot going on and we enjoy most of it, but we work. Some would say too hard, and yes that’s true, but we gotta earn our retirement after all and well, that’s what we’re doing.

So, last Saturday, we had a rare opportunity to get out of the house TOGETHER. We were going to sail, but drat! all the boats were rented except the ones with no motor and braving Spring Breakers on the water in a relatively tight harbor with no motor makes my blood run cold. No.

So instead, we pulled out our bikes and we rode to a new place I just discovered was there – and it’s 5 minutes from our house!

Look to the left

Haskell's beach

and look to the right

Haskell's beach

It’s a clean beach – not a lot of beach-goers and lovely surf, but of course winds were high.

After we wandered on the beach for a bit and watched the kids and dogs playing, we took off again on our bikes. Now, there are those bike rides that are distance-and-time focused. They’re workouts with the bonus of being outside and breathing fresh air, but they are workouts. Then, there are those wandering rides where you have no real agenda, no particular place to be at a particular time, and you turn down random streets looking for the trails that lead along the bluffs by the beaches.

This was one of those rides. Just 17 miles and an hour and a half of breathing fresh air, feeling sunshine on our shoulders and legs, and wow – look at that! and that! and did you know that a blue agave could get THAT big?

We saw the ice plants blooming on the bluffs.

ellwood bluffs

Ice plant is very aggressive – I won’t have it near my house – but they use it because it shores up the ground and keeps it from sliding. It’s a pretty stabilizer.

pink ice plant

It’s a succulent too so it never needs water – very smart.

After the lovely bike ride, we went out to try a wine place that we’d never been to before. Santa Barbara Wine Collective – they have multiple wineries there so you can taste along different trends – by red or white, but winery, but type of wine (syrah, etc.) – it’s very fun.

wine tasting


We had a glass each of two very different wines and drank a lot of water too. Don’t you love those wine-bottle glasses? Must find some of those. Ah, a day off is a good thing. A very good thing.





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