Crew Overboard Drills

As we are getting ready for our advanced sailing class, my guy wanted us to practice the crew overboard maneuver.

sailing santa barbara

It’s one of the top things he worries about – that and when his wife is scrambling all over the deck putting away ropes. That makes him kinda nervous – especially if the winds are high or there are significant swells. He thinks I’m going to fall off the boat and, well it could happen. Hasn’t happened yet, but it could.

So, we practiced the figure-eight maneuver using buoys as our ‘crew overboard’ and we did really well. We worked out when to come in windward or leeward, that was actually confusing in our ASA books.

The wind was coming from the East – Southeast this time, so the sailing was different and we noticed it right away – as we cem out of the harbor and rounded Stearns Wharf, we felt the pull to head into the wind. This time, however, that meant turning left out of the harbor and heading east. Very interesting – our first time noticing that.

We saw a pack of seals swimming along and munching on fish. What do you call a bunch of seals traveling together? Is it a pod? a herd? Who knows … these are the kinds of discussions we have out there as we sail along.

sailing santa barbara

Another thing we tend to do: study the houses along the coast that are certain to fall into the ocean on the next earthquake. So many of them are built right up to the edge, no lawn to protect them and many of them have remedial work done – like big concrete bases built right into the cliff. You can’t really see it from this photo – I should get some up close, but you can see how many houses are built along that sandy cliff.


One good shake is all it will take and some of them will most certainly fall. Eek! Yeah, we’re mean. I know it. We even like to get out the binoculars and study the houses and what the homeowners are doing to try to save them.

sailing santa barbara



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