Stress – it’s a killer

Yes, I’m over worked and crazy stressed out. He works every weekend, I work every weekend and most evenings until I fall into bed. This grown up thing sucks. I realize I am posting this blog one week after the fun happened, but that should only serve to let you know how much is going on and how buried I am. In fact, yesterday I took off on my bike for the first good ride of the season and got a block from the house when I realized the back tire desperately need air, so I turned around. I re-opened the garage door, found the bike pump, and tried to make the damn thing work and broke down in tears.

Hmm, I thought. Yes, I need a bike ride but if the bike pump is reducing me to a crying fit, perhaps a shower and a glass of iced tea on the porch is a better idea? Hard to tell these days. I feel like I crackle with the stress.

So, this blog post is about last weekend. I am going kayaking with a group today, so I full expect to have something fun to blog about tomorrow.

Last weekend, we decided to try a new winery and someone told us that Beckmen wines were tasty, so we headed up the hill. Our day was sunny (we haven’t had sun since, ugh!) and we parked next to this tree. Isn’t this a lovely view?

Tree at Beckmen

This was a pretty popular place according to all the cars parked along the driveway. We finally got to the tasting room and I wondered if this isn’t one of the best signs to see ever?

Tasting room

We decided on the Reserve flight. Now, Beckmen is well known for their reds so the viognier at the top was a surprise to us, but I liked it.

Tasting list

Steve liked the wines so much that he bought several bottles and signed up to be a wine club member. This is how they get you – they give you these tasty little treats and suck you in and soon you’re getting 12-15 bottles every quarter! So, if you’re in the neighborhood and a little bored, do stop by. It’s likely we have one chilled and ready to go.

Tasting over

Another beautiful view on the way out of the vineyard.

Beckmen vineyard

Now, the grass you see here has been watered lightly, but the drought is taking it’s toll on the California land. Here is a shot out the window as we’re passing by fields that are dry as a bone.

California drought

Looking at this grass, you can see why wildfires are one of the area’s biggest fears.  Here’s another field as dry as can be with a lovely oak in the middle.

California drought field

We had some rain last week, which has cooled things off but it’s no where close to enough. We’re in full water restrictions and we have the bucket in our shower to collect water and we use it for the back lawn. We have a beautiful pot in the front of the house that we plan to turn into a recycling water fountain, but we’re not supposed to have any fountains right now and we’ve held off on putting it together.

Pray for rain folks, pray for rain.



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