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Our new kitty friend, Luna is tiny. She is like our own personal tornado. She only likes paper balls for toys and prefers them to be tossed at her through the air, so she can leap and catch them between her paws. She also carries her paper balls around once she catches them and puts them near me so I can toss them again.

She doesn’t meow except in the middle of the night when she wonders where everyone went and why it’s so quiet. She gurgle-squeaks instead of meowing. I don’t know how else to describe the very special sound she makes as she’s happy to see you and chases her paper balls.

Silly sweet girl.


She and Emily have stopped trying to kill each other and have settled into a friendly sort of detente. They do, however, chase each other at top speed through the  house at least once a day. No biting or growling, just chasing and tumbling.

I think they are starting to like each other a bit.

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