Lungs burning, legs pumping, heart pounding

Sometimes, this is what it takes to shed the stress of the week, clear my head, and find that space wherein which I just am. I got that last weekend, and I’m about to head out to do it again too. I get my bike and I load up the camera, phone, water, a little something in case I get hungry and I head out. With music playing in my ears – an eclectic collection of Blues Traveler, the Bodeans, Caravan Palace, Dave Matthews, Dierks Bentley – I find peace when my lungs are on fire, my legs and heart are pumping in rhythm and I am free.

Last week’s ride was through the June gloom of Santa Barbara …

June gloom bike ride

When I emerge from the University along the Pacific Coast trail over Goleta Beach, it looked like this – cloudy, cloudy, cloudy.

June gloom bike ride

The bike trail was almost empty. For those who don’t know, when it’s cloudy and raining Californians stay inside. They love the rain, they just don’t like getting wet apparently. Haven’t quite figured that out.


It wasn’t a super long ride – about half what I usually do – but it was just right for that day.


Now, I’m loading up to go again. Lots of sun out there today, though, so it should be really nice. Get outside folks!


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