Riding in the Sunshine! No June Gloom today

Yesterday, I took a break from catching up on the Audible Yoga work – did you hear we got the 250 votes we needed to be in the running for a grant?! Thanks so much to everyone who voted for our little company. That money will make a huge difference and it will allow us to build out the company in ways I cannot even imagine. Trying hard not to put too much into this, but it’s hard. We won’t hear until September so for now it’s time to keep our noses to the grindstone (terrible saying, don’t you think?) and have faith while we wait.

Stepping away from the computer yesterday, I took my lovely bike out for a ride in the sunshine this time – no June gloom today.

sunshine bike ride

Clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine all the way down the coast.

pacific coast bike ride

Have I said before how much I like this ride? I really, really do.

The beaches were packed! Yes, snarky ones, that is packed for us. This is a really small town.

goleta beach

All of the families around here gather at the beach. They send someone ahead of time to scout and snag a spot, and they grill all day. Kids play in the sand and the water, parents mill around and chat. It’s really lovely to see.

On the way back, I had to take a detour on the campus because of some construction. I ended up in a courtyard with a pond that had water lilies in it. So lovely to work here.

university of california campus

And there were two cute little ducks hanging out by this water pond.


Proving once again that getting off the familiar path – even just a short way – can make a big difference in your perspective and what you see. When I got home, this is closer to my ‘normal’ ride length, so I’m building back up.

bike odometer

After that, I mowed both lawns and watered my plants. Then, I drank more water, got a shower and I have to say, I fell into bed for a nap. This week I have attended a conference, worked until midnight most nights to get votes for Audible Yoga, and worked out every morning to keep my energy up. After a 22-mile bike ride, there was no energy left at all. It was time for a physical crash. I felt like I was swimming through water just moving around the house. I slept that night for nearly 11 hours straight too. Good grief!

Today? We’re heading out to play but don’t worry, I’ll take the camera and report back. See ‘ya!



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