If I were a Tonka Toy, I’d be a Bulldozer

Do you remember Tonka toys? Do they still make them? Best toys ever. As a kid, those where the sturdy toys – they could outlast anything.  We even named one of the horses we had growing up Tonka for the same reason. She was sturdy, reliable and could outlast anything.  Tonka dump trucks would get dirty and, over time, they would rust a little at the edges but they still worked – all the parts moved and functioned like they were supposed to. Like the old Volvo my parents had – that was the first car we kids drove. It had mice living in the engine and holes in the floorboards but dang it that thing would always turn on and run. What more could you ask?

It’s been a roller-coaster. First I felt great. After being in the hospital (no one likes that) and getting through weeks of drugs and feeling like I’d been run over by a truck (not a Tonka!), I got a brief week of energy and sunshine and play. We went wine tasting!

We went wine tasting!

We put our feet up!

feet up

I went for walks along the shoreline!

Lovely Santa Barbara shoreline

it was great until it all of a sudden wasn’t so great. No, I didn’t push myself – those were short bike rides. I just wasn’t over it yet.

This week, I returned to the doctor and was put back on the antibiotics. Now these aren’t your average antibiotics where you feel a little tired and eat a lot of probiotic yogurt and get through your day. Nope, these are lay-you-out-flat, put-you-to-sleep, give-you-the-worst-taste-in-your-mouth, make-everything-taste-nasty, and no-you-can’t-have-any-wine-or-you-will-die antibiotics. In fact, the doctor said as he was digitally prescribing them to me, “these are hellish drugs and I’m sorry you need to take them.”  Huh. Well there you have it.

So, back into recovery mode I go. Like a bulldozer, I forge ahead with determination.

I still have a company to run.

I still have a day job to handle.

I still have a lawn to mow and laundry to do.

… and now, I have to get this rooster out of my yard and back into his!

Visiting rooster

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  1. Ellen Lukasik
    August 15, 2015

    Sheesh! You’ve really had a summer, AND NOT A GOOD ONE. What on earth do/did you have infection-wise?
    Gorgeous photo of the rooster!

    Sure hope you’re better for good soon.



  2. August 16, 2015

    Just responded via email love! Yes that rooster is a silly noisy guy. I don’t want to call animal control as I don’t like to piss off my neighbors but I do wish he would sleep past 5 a.m.!

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