Knock Me Down with a Feather but HIIT Works

OK, I was a dubious schmubious … I’ll admit it. I am reaching an age where weight is really hard to get off my body. My hubby and I used to work out for many hours a week, getting up way before we wanted to, dragging ourselves to the gym, staying there for well over an hour each (he did two!) and then heading to work.

This strategy meant we had to get to bed super early in order to get back up super early. We had to rush through our evenings – pack the workout bag and lay out the workout clothes first! – eat quickly, chat for 10 minutes and try to clean something. Whatever is close, we’d get the house cleaning done on the weekend.

UGH! Enough already!

So, he talked me into HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – and he sold it to me like this: We’ll have time together in the mornings, honey, and we’ll get in the best shape of our lives. He reminded me that we have the responsibility to keep up our health so that we can sail through our older years. I’m paraphrasing, but it was a really good speech.

So I agreed.

He converted our garage, which was already conveniently carpeted with the same ugly thin grey industrial carpet you find at most gyms. He hung the extra TV and moved the DVD player in there.

HIIT workouts

We gathered some hand weights we had around the house (yes, it’s weird that we had them, but they made great door stops!) and laid out an old yoga mat (not my favorite – that one is special).

HIIT workouts

And in two weeks I lost 7 pounds. After recovering from being ill, I have continued to do the HIIT workouts every other day, mixing in walking, yoga, and cycling in between and gosh darn it, this crap works.

You spend just 30 minutes on it a day – just 30 minutes! By the time you’re feeling cranky and all over sweaty, bam, you’re done! It’s the best thing ever.

And … deep breath … I have definition in my tummy again.

my tummy on HIIT

Yes I just did that. I put a picture of my tummy on the Internet. I’m gonna hear crap for this, for sure.


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