Big long catch up post … end of summer

So, it may be the ‘end’ of summer but it’s still hot here – really hot. Not sure about where you are, but I’d like summer to just end already. The sidewalks are too hot to walk on barefoot and who wears shoes in this place?

OK, enough complaining. It’s been another break on the blog and it’s been (again) because there is just too much work to do. A couple of weeks ago, I got away to a work conference in Portland – great fun that city. We got to see it RAIN! Not just a little rain but something like a vertical flood. Pretty darned cool. The conference was great and I learned a lot for work – the day job, that is. Not much more to say about that right now. On the way there, however, I did stop by the San Francisco Airport’s yoga room.

San Francisco Yoga Room

Lovely room with all the accouterments you need to practice yoga and very quiet. I dropped off a bunch of Audible Yoga postcards to see if we got any takers.

Another weekend in the silence, we got to go sailing. Steve in his Gilligan’s hat.

Steve sailing Santa Barbara


Another great sailing photo …
Sailing Santa Barbara


We finally visited one of the Irish bars in downtown Santa Barbara. This one had burled wood floors covered in peanut shells. They give you a drink – whiskey of course – and a bowl to fetch your own peanuts. The pigeons and seagulls come through the back door to pick up peanuts all the time and people are always shooing the birds out the door. For a hot Sunday afternoon, it was bloody fine entertainment.

Irish bar Santa Barbara


This weekend, we headed up to Paso Robles which is about 2 hours from our house and real wine-making country. We had a Groupon to tour the Hearthstone Vineyard and we found another great winery with another lip-smacking wine. We arrived, dropped off our crap at the hotel and headed out for a snack –¬†and due to Mr Man’s infallible cookie-sending skills, we found Brown Butter cookies. Wow! This version of shortbread was simply fantastic – light and crumbly without being overly shortbready at all. We chose to have them with margaritas and hand made hush puppies. As you can see, this is a carb-friendly weekend.

Margaritas and cookies in Paso Robles

Then, we headed out to the vineyard. To give you an idea of the scale of the vineyards around this area, here’s a sign on just one corner.

Paso Robles Winemaker Sign


We guessed that Hearthstone probably has to put out Groupons just so people can find them. Seriously, we passed about 30 other vineyards before the turnoff so it’s a really competitive market. Plus, most of the wineries around here are small so they don’t really produce enough to get their wines in stores and restaurants far away. Lucky for Hearthstone, the wine is so yummy they don’t have a hard time selling it at all. Here’s a view of the vineyard.

Hearthstone Vineyard


All in all, not a bad weekend. Now back to work!

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