Is there such a thing as having too much wine?

It’s hard to say. Let me explain the question, however. Last weekend, we visited a new-to-us winery and had a lovely time. First, a photo to set the mood.

Vineyard view


That’s the view we were enjoying last weekend at Hearthstone Vineyard where the owner of the vineyard sat around with all the member-visitor-guests and poured more wine and chatted up all that winemaking is about. Feet up, restorative views to soak up, and plenty of wine – what could be better?

Why I’m glad you asked – it’s a wine club membership, of course!

If you aren’t familiar, here’s how these work: you give the vineyard your email address, credit card number and address and every 3 or 4 or 6 months or so they send you a bunch of bottles of wine. The number depends on your choice, but it’s at a discount because you’re a member of the winery. With membership, you also get free access to their parties, to bring friends to taste, vineyard tours and the like. I’m not being sarcastic, it’s a good deal and depending on the vineyard’s level of engagement, it can be pretty darned fun. We love Gainey for these little celebrations and, of course, their wine.

So, what happens when you like a lot of the wine you are so innocently tasting?

Well, it just so happens we are members of 4 maybe 5 wineries right now and that means we get about 12-15 bottles delivered to our door every six months or so.

Is it too much wine? Of course not. Especially when you always have a lovely bottle or two to take to friends’ houses or a bunch to take when you visit family or a bottle to slip into your suitcase when you have an overnight get-away. You know, just in case the wine you taste is icky and you really need an emergency bottle.

Trust me, it’s never too much wine. We may have, however, too many wine clubs and so the selection process begins. Hold on to your seats, folks, this can get bumpy.

What does the process look like?

Well, we start with a perusal of the wine cabinet. How many bottles from that winery do we have now and why aren’t we drinking them? Are we tired of them? Did we just forget they were there?

Then, we think about what extras we get – did we go to their parties? Did we have time? Do we know anyone when we get there or can we make friends when we do go?

Next comes the really tricky part if you have two people with opposing views on the particular tastiness of a wine. One might be in love with a particular vintage and the other may think, eh it’s OK. This can be a tough spot to be in, especially if you feel you must defend your winery.

In the end, you’ll still have plenty of wine but perhaps fewer wine club memberships. Our UPS guy is so used to giving us boxes of wine, that he no longer chuckles when I look back into the house and yell ‘dinner’s here!’ when the box arrives. He used to think that was funny. Might have to come up with another joke.

Now, to pour a glass.


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