Avocados and Blessed Rain

Yesterday, we went to the Avocado Festival. Californians are crazy about their avocados and eat them on everything. You can always ask for some avo on the side and almost no meal is served without them. This is excellent because I love avocados too and I needed a morning of doing fun things before a long afternoon of working-on-catching-up.

We started with breakfast at one of our favorites – a place along the shoreline right on the sand. Lots of tables are outside, kids and dogs play together, and families meet up their on weekends to have a meal. Kids are handed beach toys instead of crayons when they arrive – how cool is that?

Breakfast on the shore

We ordered breakfast – seriously we don’t eat all day after a breakfast like this. My throat was sore after two full days of recording and so I had hot tea and a mimosa. Nothing like that to get your throat to feel better.

Sunday breakfast - California style


After eating most of this, we headed to Carpinteria for the Avocado Festival.

Avocado Festival 2015


Who knew there were so many types of avocados?

So many types of avocados


We saw the largest avocados from this year’s local harvests.

Big avos
And despite our huge breakfast, we had some guacamole.

World famous guacamole


According to the stand, this is world-famous guacamole but don’t tell them I like mine better. I use cilantro, tiny chopped onions (just a bit), some chopped tomato, and a squeeze of lime and orange along with salt and pepper. This was just mashed avocados. Kinda boring.

We walked to the ocean to see the Carpinteria beaches in the light rain – it has been a long time since we saw any form of hydration falling from the sky, so this was a welcome blessing.

Rain over the beach


It was raining steadily when we got home and so another nap curled up with Emily was in order.


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