Owen, Colorado and Pumpkins

I just got back from a lovely trip to my hometown in Colorado. I have so many people to thank and notes will go in the mail tomorrow. I didn’t have time to see every person on my list, but I did get to spend time with some old friends, my sister and niece, my little girl and her little boy … and a wonderful dog named Annie.

The stars of the weekend, however, are Owen and Rebecca.

Owen and Rebecca


Owen hasn’t seen me in 9 months – since last Christmas, and so most of the time this is the look he was giving me.

Owen is not amused


He was highly suspicious of me and it took a lot of playing and coaxing. I did get to teach him one of my favorite fall things – crunching through the leaves. He took to that pretty quickly.

Owen crunches leaves

We had fun picking out a pumpkin to take home too:

Owen picks a pumpkin

It was here that he finally let me pick him up and hold him.

Owen lets me pick him up

He definitely knows ‘up!’ as a command and when he doesn’t get picked up, he sits down to sort of force the issue. Quite a smart move, I might say. Of course, I didn’t have to be asked twice.

We also had fun touring Old Colorado and looking the big pumpkin contest …

Owen sits on the pumpkin


and the scarecrows …



and the lovely fall flowers …

Fall flowers in Colorado


When it was time to head to the airport, I was trying not to cry and so I took a quick side trip to see one of my favorite sites in the world – Garden of the Gods Park.

Garden of the Gods Colorado


With a sight that beautiful, it would be impossible to cry, right? It worked pretty well.


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