Saturday Afternoon of Play in Santa Barbara

So, I’ve mentioned that this place is unique … and it is. Yesterday, we were walking toward our fav Irish pub for a little dinner and we met a person walking a pig in a Halloween costume. Don’t believe me? Yes, Steve put some money in the support box for the pig. The pig had the waggiest tail too!


Pig on Sidewalk in Santa Barbara

We had dinner by┬áthis lively little fire – it was cozy even though it wasn’t cold outside at all.

fire at dinner

Then we walked all the way out to Stearn’s wharf. Along the way, we ran into the pan-handler guys and they’ve really upped their game I have to say. This one had hung red solo cups off poles and people were trying to toss┬áthe coins into the cups.

Art of panhandling


This really is taking begging to an artistic and creative level. I wasn’t sure about the camera on the stand behind the guy. It seemed to be capturing everything that was going on with all the individual spots.

The art of pan-handling




Our favorite wine spot was closed for a private party, so we trucked it across the wharf traffic to find some blood orange margaritas and a view of the sunset.

Blood orange margaritas and sunset


Then, we headed back to the car after some frozen yogurt.

Stearn's wharf in the dark

It was a lovely, restful evening … more soon on wine tasting and knitting solutions!


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