Knitting Therapy Turned Lovely Cowl

So, some time ago, I started knitting with this yarn that I adore – the colors are so me – deep red with a little blue mixed in. I can’t remember the yarn or the name, I’m sorry. I had this yarn for so long and I just never could find the right pattern so I just started knitting in a circle to have something to knit that didn’t take any thought and would be therapy. Anytime I got stressed, I would pull it out and knit some more rows. It calmed me right down and the fabric that the yarn made was so lovely and soft.

Knitting therapy


I even did the cast-on so it would be easy to take out. You see, I never intended this to be anything but some light knitting therapy.

I finally decided I was finished with the therapy and I was planning to wind the yarn back into the skein. I dropped by my local knitting store (Loop and Leaf) because I had some other questions about sleeve length for a jumper I’m knitting and I thought they might unwind my yarn with me. Instead, the ladies recommended I bind it off into a cowl. I thought it was too long, but they showed me other long cowls.

So, last night, I did bind it off and low and behold it’s a perfect cowl!

Knitting therapy turned cowl


It’s so soft and warm and it scrunches just right. And I have enough of the skein left over to make a lovely matching hat. Love my knitting friends!

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