A Case for Nesting to Recover

What happens when you put a near-introvert into a 3-day conference after multiple days of noisy, busy vacationing? She crashes hard into nesting upon returning. The weather finally turned cool here in Santa Barbara and it’s time for pants and warm fluffy socks around the house. After a week in New Orleans, I was shot. I needed to clean house, clear my head, rest and nest. I needed to get outside in the sunshine and hear the birds and the ocean.

It took ALL WEEKEND to recover.

I picked up a few groceries and flowers to get started on deep nesting, which is not to be confused with basic nesting. This is the hard-core nesting which means every aspect of your home environment is attended to – sound, smell, look. Everything.

Fall Flowers & Pumpkins

I needed to cook up some healthy stuff for lunches next week, so I worked up green chile, chicken enchiladas, and a pearl couscous and quinoa mixture with spices and vegetables.


With one click, you can light an entire fireplace of LED candles – super cool.

LED firelight

The next morning, I headed out for a post-sunrise walk on Sunday along the Ellwood Preserve, which is just minutes from our house. The sun glinting through the eucalyptus trees was great. The smell of fall in the air is very different here, but notable. Just like winter in Colorado or fall in Santa Fe, every place has a particular smell and here it’s eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus on Ellwood preserve

No butterflies yet in the monarch butterfly preserve … they should be along any month now.

Butterfly preserve, Ellwood

Side note: when my girls were tweeners, they could tear/cut/pull holes into their jacket cuffs and lo and behold, now companies are doing this in our jackets. Yes my girls are brilliant, but did I chide them for tearing their clothes? You bet I did. Couldn’t see their vision. Now I get it.


If you follow the trails along you eventually arrive at the ocean and I walked along the coast above the ocean so I could hear the waves crashing below. This truly restores the tired soul.

Ocean View

There is a lovely place along this trail – a fairy glen truly.

Fairy glen

And there was a lovely egret on one of the cliff edges – I snapped this photo and then turned and backtracked. No sense in upsetting the bird.


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