Petroglyphs for Thanksgiving

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, Steve and I were invited (OK, we invited ourselves and then tried to be the best house guests possible) to Bishop, California to stay with friends. This particular area is at 4,000 feet in elevation and it’s tucked between two very high mountain ranges. It’s absolutely exquisite and it reminded me of one very important thing: I’m a mountain girl. Yep, I said it. I crawled all over the area and got my big fat reminder. I’m a mountain girl. I live by the ocean right now, but I’m a mountain girl and to the mountains I must go.

It started out cloudy and we were headed to see some petroglyphs known only to the locals.

California hiking

We weren’t going for a crazy long hike or even something that had a ton of elevation gain. We just needed to get outside after the big feast. The trail had a lot of soft sandy stuff and big rocks.

Bishop, Ca Hiking Todd Steve

It was cold but not Colorado level of cold. Just cold enough for hats, jackets and gloves. After we warmed up, the hats and gloves came off and the jacket zippers were lowered a few inches.

Bishop hiking trail

Gorgeous! I took WAY TOO MANY PICTURES and I can’t share them all here or you’ll lose your mind scrolling. OK, so here are a few more.

Bishop Hiking Beautiful

Bishop hiking tree and sky


Bishop valley

We eventually came to an area with really big rocks all tumbled together. Wind through those rocks and climb a particular rock and you are smack on a petroglyph.

Petroglyph in Bishop, Ca

And here we are for scale – this thing is big and they really had a lot to say.

Petroglyph in Bishop

And a few more photos just to make you drool

Bishop is beautiful

Bishop is beautiful

Bishop keyhole


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