High Winds and Surf Advisory

So, this weekend we had hoped to go sailing but it appears the weather is against us. We stopped by our favorite little beach restaurant – well, one of our favs, they are all so great here – and we thought we saw a wall of snow!

Wall of sand snow

It was actually a wall of sand that had been pushed from the beach into a berm. Last year, this restaurant was hit by a wave in a pretty bad storm that left a sailboat up on the beach.

Winter sand berm

Interesting stuff.

This morning, I needed to clear my head and get outside, so I headed to Ellwood to see what the butterflies were doing.

Ellwood hike

There were plenty flying around as I headed to the monarch grove, but it was hard to get my camera to get a shot of them – they move so fast! I did get this lovely gentleman to take a break and let me snap photos of him. Or her.

Monarch in December

Pretty little guy, eh? He was happy to have his picture taken.

Monarch with open wings

After the butterflies, it’s up the hill to the open plateau to cross before reaching the ocean …

Ellwood hike to the beach

… and here is where it was apparent that the high wind was churning up the surf pretty good.

High wind surf

High wind surf

Coastal high surf

Looking across the plateau toward the Santa Barbara mountains, you can see how very very dry it is.

Dry mountains

And this is my favorite place to stop and contemplate – lovely, isn’t it?

Favorite spot

No sailing today. It’s just a tad too gnarly out there folks.

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