Christmas Morning with Owen

… because who else would we rather spend Christmas morning with than our little grandson and our own girls?

Owen has command of a lot of words and one of his favorites is cheese. He refers to all food as cheese but he also loves the stuff. For Christmas morning, he had a couple of slices that he worked on through the morning.

Owen loves cheese

Owen cheese and a flower

He says ‘ba-ball’ for all balls including things that aren’t quite balls, but are definitely ball-shaped.

Owen  ba-ball

He LOVED playing hide and seek in the tissue paper.

Owen hide and seek

And found taking a rest in the blankets in mid-morning a good idea – gave everyone else the opportunity to open presents.

Owen rests

Then he had some milk and played with his toys and all of us!

Owen with Rebecca and Pooh

I think I have THOUSANDS of pictures! Here’s a favorite after we got to my sister’s house and had Christmas dinner.

Owen Christmas

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