Donde Esta El Nino?

Really, where is this El Nino we keep hearing we are supposed to have this year? Back at home from our Colorado trip, we have taken on the  back yard renovation project and rain would really make things a mess. We are trying to take our boring, square back yard into a semi-oasis but of course every project starts with the ground work – the un-fun stuff that just has to get done first. We started with pulling up the rocks and laying new weed blocker behind the deck with the hot tub.

Bare dirt

We put all the rocks into a big pile and washed them!

Pile of rocks

We took apart parts of the deck to find the timer for the outdoor lights, which have been horribly off since we moved in. If there was ample wiring and power already there, then that would make lighting the back planting bed much easier.

Taking apart the deck

We were in luck! Not only did we uncover (finally!) the location of the elusive timer but we found lines that we  (by we, I mean he) can tap into to put lights into the succulent bed and make things look really pretty.

Then, we found something unlucky. The hot tub is leaking.

Hot tub leak

If you’ve every DIY’d you know that digging into a project is like going on a reverse treasure hunt. You always find something broken, leaking, torn, worn out or otherwise in need of  repair. It’s just the way it works.

Steve also discovered that the steps to the hot tub were completely infested with termites, so this will have to be rebuilt.

Steps - termite damage

Weed barrier back down and rocks returned to their former location.

Weed barrier down

Still, we’re making progress. Of course, little Luna watched all the action in the comfort of the sunny window. She’s no dummy.

Luna in the window

Wish us luck because the rain is supposed to be coming!

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