Never Ending Rocks, but We Have Lights!

The never ending effort of updating the rock beds continues. With the winter rain season coming on, we were worried about the ability to get this work done. We got a bunch of rain last week, but that hasn’t stopped the work.

What are we trying to do? Create a backyard oasis instead of a lawn of brown, scraggly grass that we can’t use for anything at all. After all, we can’t water much (regulations and guilt and all that) and we did buy a lawn that was ‘older’ so it needs work.

Last weekend, we managed to get one full bed of rocks cleared, replaced the weedblock, and put back, but the effort was maybe more complicated than it should have been. Specifically, there was a lot of dirt and other debris mixed in with the rocks and they had to be sorted and washed.

Yep, shoveling and washing rocks. Sounds like a fun weekend, right? This is why we get college degrees, so we can buy our own house and do manual labor. OK, that’s a little sarcastic. We do the work ourselves for the money savings and the accomplishment. We also do it because it’s fun to hang out together and see our work.

So, yesterday we started on the second section of rocks.

Working on the rocks

Our plan this time is to sort the rocks from the other debris before moving them onto the tarp.

Sorting rocks

So we are sifting them then moving them onto the tarp.

Rocks waiting on the tarp

They’ll be on the tarp for awhile because we’re building a rock wall along the bed. Those silly boards look stupid and flimsy and we want to expand the bed slightly. So, clean rocks can wait on the tarp until we build the wall.

This is one member of a very noisy audience for our efforts.

Our audience of crows

These guys are very noisy but they’re looking for worms and other things we dig up when we move the rocks and soil around. They’ll have to wait.

Take a look at how the succulent pot is looking! Love the colors.

Succulent pot

And we have lights!

Lights in the backyard

Yes, hard to see I know but they light up the trees along the back of the yard and make it very inviting to be outside.

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