So, where were we?

It’s been a while, I know … things are nutty. I’m putting together new online classes, working a full-time job, working every spare minute on Audible Yoga – it’s crazy.

To catch you up, El Nino arrived with lots of wind and rain. The beaches are a mess – covered in drift wood, rocks pushed up and sand washed away. ┬áThis is Haskell’s beach, near our house in the mid-day:

Beaches are a mess

On the flip side, it’s a great time to pick up shells, pretty rocks and beach glass. The waves are high for us and the pounding and crashing can be heard farther away – sometimes in our back yard on quiet mornings before the neighbor’s chickens awake.

Beaches are a mess

Santa Barbara’ans are in full gale force winter gear – puffy jackets, scarves, gloves, hats and my personal favorite – heaters!

Beach heaters


I have to say, this is something I think they get really, really right. Anytime there is any hint of cool weather, the heaters are turned on and bammo! you can sit outside comfortably. You can take off all those layers you put on to get into the car and walk the beach and sip a glass of wine without shivering. We ran into this in Sweden too and Sweden folks would also hand you a fluffy warm blanket to sit under. Again, you were outside, with the heater and your glass of wine and I loved it. Who doesn’t want to be outside when you can? Doesn’t the weather often prevent you from enjoying being outside?

Heaters I tell you – they’re the best thing.

With backyard work at a halt waiting for the brick and the rain to stop, we trotted up to Rideau Winery for a taste.

Rideau winery

The owner is a native to New Orleans, so her style is distinctly New Orleans.

Rideau┬áhas lovely wines and you can’t get them outside of the winery because members (that’s us) buy them up. Yes, we have a bunch of their wine in the cabinet, but there was a band and a barbecue cart and a new Syrah that was lip-smacking good. We bought lunch, two glasses of wine and some bottles to go home with us.

Barbecue and Syrah

On the way back home, we stopped to check out the waves – these are high for our area. The Channel Islands block most of the crazy weather and so we don’t get really high waves most of the time. These are frothy ones and even the birds were clustered together to stay warm.

Beach and birds

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