Emily the Jungle Cat

So when the mower starts to make a strange growly sound and your husband is working days, nights and weekends you end up with an unmowable lawn.

Now, I get points for knowing better than to push a machine to keep going when it’s making a weird sound or smoking or some other weird behavior. I also get points for describing the sound the mower is making.

I am not the fix-it person in this house. I’ll carry tools and pick up parts (if you tell me exactly what to get and try to tell me what aisle I’ll find it), but I can’t fix most things so I have to wait.

It’s funny how the grass, weeds and clover don’t sit up and take notice. You might think that after years of drought they might say to themselves, ‘jeez, we got a little rain but┬ásummer is coming, we might want to slow it down a little. oh, and by the way, the mower is broken so easing up on this homeowner is a win-win for all of us.’


Backyard jungle

Since I couldn’t mow the lawn, I decided I should just embrace it. After all, Emily has decided she is now a bona-fide jungle cat and now is a great time to take my┬ácamera outside with a cup of tea on a warm morning to enjoy Emily enjoying the jungle in the back yard.

Emily the jungle cat

If she slides down onto her belly in the clover she can disappear completely from the view of all other creatures.

Emily the jungle cat hides

And this thought makes Emily very happy. Sleepy too. Very happy and sleepy.

Emily the jungle cat sleepy

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