Happy Anniversary Number 17

Last weekend, we celebrated our 17th anniversary and we popped into Morro Bay again. The plan was to do some hiking and otter-watching, which we did.

This was a near alcohol-free weekend (Mr Man is taking a med that says ‘don’t drink’ and I’m gesturing support by only having 1 glass of wine on weekend days). Even though we are mere minutes from some of the most lip-smacking wine on the Central Coast at a place where we are already members, so drinking is free, we abstained.

Suffice it to say there are no big dopey drunken smiles in this blog post. It’s all about hiking and walking and walking and walking and some wildlife.  I’ll try not to make it sound boring. Even though it was. Sort of. Probably two rested individuals and one without a terrible head cold would have made it better, but that’s what marriage is about, right? Sometimes you just have to make do.

Morro Bay

We spotted seals often and this one was moving right along beneath the dock so we got a closer shot than normal.

Morrow bay seal

You really can’t beat this coastline though. It’s just gorgeous even when it’s cloudy.

Morro Bay Coastline

Our plan was to hike the Cerro Alto trail, which at 2,624 feet is one of the highest points along the central coast, but along the way we took a wrong turn and found ourselves looking at a bunch of wild turkeys on the road.

Wild Turkeys

They weren’t too disturbed that we invaded their space while they were clearly enjoying a dance. We finally back-tracked and found the right road and the start of the trail. Pretty quick, we ran into a little mountain stream.

Cerro Alto trail

If someone were to ask me: house by the ocean or house by a mountain stream, I’d say mountain stream. Fewer people, less overall noise, lots less stress. The views along this trail were simply gorgeous.

Cerro Alto views

That little bit of rain we’ve had over the ‘winter’ has made a tremendous difference. It’s not enough to be sustaining through the summer months, but we can enjoy it for now.

Cerro Alto views

The views of Morro Rock are incredible along this hike and when you reach the summit, you can see it way out in the distance (it’s the lump along the coast near the left edge of the bush).

Way Above Morro rock

All in all, a very nice trail.

Cerro Alto trail


Even better if you don’t have a raging head cold and can have a glass of wine when you’re finished. OK. Done complaining now. And in closing – sunset over Morro Bay Rock.

Morro Bay Rock


Odd, this is where we were on our last anniversary. We’re getting really, really predictable.

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