Healing takes time and it’s not easy

My surgery went well despite some errors made by the medical team and two follow-up emergency surgeries – blech! I am home now and struggling to recover. The first week was horrid. Pain medications and I don’t get along, never have. So, in between the severe nausea, headaches, and dizziness the pain kept coming. After 5 days of that mess I stopped taking the pain meds. To hell with it – the pain wasn’t really much better with or without them so enough was enough.

This week the goal is walking. I’m not allowed to do any other form of exercise – not even stretching – and so I walk. In the beginning, it was just laps up and down the back yard. Then, I got to halfway around the cul de sac with Steve’s help. Now, I can make it around the neighborhood on my own. It’s a slow pace and a walk that used to take about 20 minutes takes nearly 50 but I do it. The first time around was so hard I had to sleep for an hour and a half when I got back.

Today, I took along my camera so that I could put something on the blog. The springtime flowers are everywhere.

Springtime flowers

This bush doesn’t look like much right now, but it smells heavenly. It’s a honeysuckle and it’s getting ready to go crazy and bloom.

Honeysuckle bush

The bees are loving on the New Zealand Christmas trees in our area. These are really strange trees – this one is trimmed and contained, but most of the time they grow wild and crazy with their branches drooping down.

New Zealand Christmas Tree

The blooms look like this – kinda feathery and soft.

New Zealand Christmas Tree bloom

I don’t smell them – can’t get close for the bees – so I wonder if there is a scent associated. With the jasmine blooming all over the neighborhood it’s hard to sniff out one thing.

Here’s the entrance to the park. The frogs were quiet this morning. I suspect they’re waiting for a little rain before they perk up again. I didn’t go into the park to sit on the swings this time. I felt I could make it around the entire block without the rest.

Secret bridge park

I have a much greater appreciation for people who live with chronic pain and/or debilitating illnesses that keep them close to home. I haven’t driven in weeks. After two stints in the hospital – one for five days, the other for 10 – I have had it with hospitals. I never want to see the inside of one again.

While this surgery was necessary and it was brutal, the worst should be behind me. I’m so grateful for all the cards, flowers, and calls – thank you everyone.

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  1. Sharon hamblin
    April 15, 2016

    Virginia! From the various clues in your posts I’m guessing this was some kind of gut surgery. I’m so sorry you have had to endure the added screw ups in the hospital. I had spinal fusion surgery last year so I completely relate to the hatred of hospitals, disgusting narcotic effects, and the frustration of being down for the count for so long. So proud of you for your determination to heal at the right pace. Peace of Jesus sustain you as you endure this difficult time. Sending love from Colorado Springs!

  2. April 16, 2016

    Oh Sharon, SO good to hear from you – yes colon surgery. I’m feeling better every day though. Thank you for the love from Co. Springs! I hear you’re having a mini snow storm today.

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