Tearing things up and building something new

In the continuing story of the backyard reno, the gorgeous Sydney Peak slate patio stones were delivered.

Slate patio stones delivered

They couldn’t fix the palette, so they delivered it just as crooked as we bought it:

Patio stone palette

We had a contractor remove 2/3 of the sod in the backyard to give us a clean slate (so to speak). Then, we planted the first stones – one on either pathway and one loosely in the center.

Stone patio start

Now, I say ‘we’ here but I’m really not 100% helpful. I still can’t carry anything and, to be honest, even if I could many of those stones are far too heavy for me to consider lifting. That means I am:

  • fetching and carrying
  • opening doors and gates
  • hydrating the husband who is carrying stone
  • shoveling dirt

It’s a dirty and messy effort. The dust inside the house is phenomenal (we should learn to close the sliding doors, but we can’t seem to remember). We slowly put the jigsaw puzzle of stones together.

Stone patio pattern

Then, we realized we had a lot of really big stones left. We thought about selling them, but instead decided to make the patio bigger by adding them around the edges.

When we plant (lay?) a stone, it looks a lot like we’re outlining a spot to bury a body.

Planting stones

After about 8 stones, we got the rhythm of it and it moved along a little faster. Every stone is a pain in the arse, however. Neighbors stopped by to see what we were doing and popped into the back yard to lend us tools. We promptly broke the dolly and had to buy them a new one, but we’re still using the repaired one.

Emily seems to approve of the work. She likes sitting on the stones in the evening because they warm her butt.

Emily stone patio

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  1. Staci
    May 4, 2016

    Love the patio project! It’s gonna be soooo nice…You picked a GREAT time to have a doctor’s note to opt out of this one!! ? But seriously, PM me and let me know how you’re doing, Chica.. ❤️

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