Patio is in, planting has begun

So, this is Mr Man’s idea of taking a few days off to spend with me – we worked our butts off building the patio. *sigh* All I know is this: when we’re done with this outdoor living space project we get to play for the rest of the year. No more house projects. He promised. I can’t wait.

Until then … we still had some rocks to plant.

Planting rocks

Then we watered the whole thing down – mud everywhere! I pulled the tweener bottle palm off the parent – it had been threatening to fall for a long time. They sprout and grow like leeches and then fall off. So, we planted it in the first planting zone.

Tweener bottle palm

Poor thing even looks like surly teenager.

Next up was moving a twin palm that had been stuck in the deep shade in a corner of the lawn where it was languishing. Steve also moved one of the black-tipped succulents that was threatening to outgrow it’s pot in the front of the house.

Twin palm

The next morning, Steve decides that the sloping problem needs a retaining wall, so he built that …

Retaining wall

… while I tackled the groundcover planting.

Planting groundcover

I made good time getting all the plants in. I amended the soil as I went. It was a nice sunny day.


Doesn’t the retaining wall look great? We cleared all the tools out of the way and turned on the sprinklers to get the rocks settled and the plants a good start.

Watering the patio

Then, it was time for a wine break in the shade. We watched the plants settle and the sprinkler make mud and we opened this bottle of yumminess:

Wine break

Look at the legs on this glass! They come down and rest on the wine but don’t absorb. Next it’s time to mulch everything.


It’s getting there … next up, flowers. After that, refinishing the deck. After that, putting up the sails to cover the living room area. After that, furniture.

Still a long way to go. Our goal is to be done before July.

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