Every morning the rooster crows

I love chickens, I do. They’re delightful. Roosters, not so much and yet we have to live with this one because he lives in the yard behind our house. He crows every morning and likes to get on the fence between our yards so Everyone can hear him.

Oddly, he crows all day long and at dusk too. This is just one of the roosters in our neighborhood. This guy likes to get into crowing wars with the rooster one yard over.

Yes, I could report them to animal control but then what would happen? This proud noisy guy would end up with all the other roosters in the yard by the dogs up for adoption.

You think this is noisy, you should hear that yard where I think they have dozens of rooster all doing their darned best to be a good rooster without a flock of hens. Poor guys.

So, no I won’t be reporting these folks. They probably just ended up with a surprise when they got some chicks. It happens that way sometimes. It’s not his fault.

I just wish he’d learn that weekends are for sleeping!


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