Backyard reno continues

In the continuing saga of the backyard renovation, we have planted little things called isotoma in between the rocks and we mulched. We planted shasta daisies (a long time favorite of mine) at the entrance of the outdoor sitting room and sprinkled thyme seeds on the elevated portion. We’re waiting for them to really show themselves and be lovely but so far it’s just little pops of green through the dirt which seems positive but could be weeds or grass too, so time (no pun intended) will tell.

Backyard reno

It looks rather nice. Needs the furniture and firepit, but that’s coming. That low purple flowering bush is a sweet pea bush and I never knew such a thing existed.

Sweet pea bush

I like the little guys. They’re cute.

Now, it’s one to the next phase of the project which is to refinish the deck. The deck is now very scratched and rough looking, quite dreadful actually. Looks like we invited over a hockey team and let them play on the boards.

See the deck behind these brave plants that are trying to hide it’s ugly.

ugly deck

It’s really beat I tell you.

So while I’m working on other stuff (like sitting here all clean and writing a blog), Mr Man has started the re-staining process with the steps to the hot tub first.

restaining the deck

This is Sunday and we’re hoping to get out of the house to play a bit later – after laundry and all that weekend jazz gets wrapped up. It’s been a nice, loving, quiet weekend.

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