Bloggable moments with chickens

So the neighbor’s chickens get out (or are let out?) of their coop pretty regularly. You’ve seen the rooster on the fence and he’s even dropped over to wander around the yard once or twice.

This week, we came home to find one of the hens wandering our backyard.

Hen in the backyard

Again, I don’t mind chickens. Would love to have them myself, but I don’t believe that farm animals should be living in this close proximity to people. Just a personal thing, I guess, plus┬áthe noise is annoying.

With her visit, however, was there is another reason not to want chickens in your yard.

They’re darned destructive!

In her very normal chicken way of scratching around for seeds and things to eat, she managed to toss nearly all of the mulch out of my beds into the lawn. She scratched big holes and dug up several plants.

Hen loose

When she saw us in the backyard, she began running all around, looking for a way back to safety. We gave her a ladder to climb.

Hen ladder

She hopped up on the steps but couldn’t quite figure out how to keep going up and over the fence, so she hopped back down.

Hen ladder

Emily got involved too. She wasn’t quite sure what that thing in her backyard was, but she was very curious.

Emily watching the hen

She got closer and thought about her plan of attack.

Emily chasing hen

And then the neighbors came by to get her. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have let the cat get the chicken – Emily might get hurt and the chicken wouldn’t be any wiser. After a couple of visits and a near cat encounter, she hasn’t dropped over the fence, so I’m hoping she learned her lesson that the grass might be greener, but it’s way more dangerous on this side of the fence.

Now, to put all that mulch back – sheesh!

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