Wine in the Sunshine

The May grey has launched us firmly into June gloom around here. Clouds, clouds and more clouds, so last weekend we escaped up the hill to the Gainey Vineyard member event. You’ll remember last year’s event. This time, we took things more mellow. No bouncy jeep tours, but plenty of barrel tastings inside in the cool, dry tasting room and sunshine outside where the band played.

What’s a barrel tasting you ask? It’s where you get to taste the wine before it’s really ready. Sounds weird, I know, but some of it was amazing! For the wine snob, it’s a way of knowing what the wine is going to develop into and for the wine merchant it’s a way to sell futures. Just like in the stock market. You can buy the wine before it’s ready.

We had someone else take two pictures of us in the tasting room, but either the photographer or the camera was wonky (musta been the wine) and both photos came out blurry. Darn it.

They gave us a lovely basket with bread, wine, and cheese and we snacked, sipped, and savored before heading down the hill and back into the gloom.

Gainey member event

Gainey vineyard


Gainey barrel tasting

Gainey barrel tasting

Gainey band

Steve at Gainey event

Basket at Gainey event

Me goofy shot

Even the dogs enjoyed it

Gainey sunshine

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