After the fire

So, last week we were busy waiting. Waiting to hear if we’d be evacuated. The Sherpa fire raged west and north of us and everyone in that direction – farmers mostly – were already evacuated. As I headed home on Friday, we were already packed up and ready to go at any time. I snapped a few photos. We could see the flames burning along the ridge about 20 miles in the distance. Later that evening, I snapped some photos of the sun pushing through the smoke. It was eerie and quiet and everything smelled of smoke.

We set our alarms to check the phones for alerts a few times through the night. We stayed close to home all weekend, hunkered down and ready. Watched way too much Netflix. We weren’t even trying to paint the patio furniture or do more work on the back yard project. We did trim the tree in the front of the house as it had branches hanging over the roof. When the helicopters and planes are flying low and loaded down right over your house, you kinda get weirded out.

But, we’re safe. The danger has passed. We are grateful for the firefighters and others who protected our little neighborhood. Some photos for you to see below.

Smoke from the Sherpa fire

Sherpa fire coming over the hill

Sherpa fire close to home

Sun burning through the smoke

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