Farmers Market with Music

Does your farmer’s market come with a band? Ours does. Last week, there was a young girl playing the cello. She was apparently practicing for an upcoming rehearsal and needed to get used to people watching her play. Why not at the farmer’s market? It’s never the same musician, so we never know what to expect.

This is where we usually have breakfast on Sundays. So many people come to Anna’s or Starbucks and then sit in the sunshine and feed the little birds. Then, they get their fruits, vegetables, honey and lavender and head home. Kids and dogs are everywhere. We got our updates on the fire containment at the same time. They do a tremendous job here keeping the public informed. I guess they have to. Fires are a fact in the west much like hurricanes are in the southeast.

Farmers market

Little birds eating crumbs

Farmers market Goleta


Little birds


Sherpa fire update

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