Patio furniture re-do

We have a lovely set of metal patio furniture and an umbrella to go over it, but it was green (not my favorite color) and showing a lot of rusty wear. It was time to re-do the patio furniture and spruce it up to look nice with the refinished deck and other work.

We decided on navy blue. The house it white stucco with dark blue trim. All the flower pots that aren’t half wine barrels are blue, so blue it is. We spread out the plastic and had at it. Then we realized something. The umbrella is orange. We’re painting Broncos colors! Oh well, what the hey. It will look good next to the carved bear from Colorado.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been outside quite a bit – at least on the weekends and I’ve been wearing my yard sneakers. We have to wear shoes on the beach because of the tar spots, which you don’t see until you’ve stepped in them and then you have to get that sticky black stuff off your feet. Trust me, it’s really hard to get that black stuff off your feet although baby oil usually works well. To avoid the tarĀ entirely, we keep our beach shoes around and use them in the yard too. So I have a silly tan.

Patio furniture

Painting patio furniture

silly tan

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