Summer Solstice Parade

The summer solstice parade is a big deal in Santa Barbara. Some time ago, it was quite risque with some nudity, but these days it’s very family friendly. We hadn’t been to it yet, having heard the stories of less desirable behavior, but we braved it this year with some friends.

Our friends dressed up their dogs to go to the parade. One of them is a foster and up for adoption, so this is a great way to get him loads of easy exposure to people who might want to adopt him. Plus, they’re just cute.

The town closes off State street – the primary street in Santa Barbara – and they let all the kids decorate the street. It’s one big happy hippy fest in celebration of summer. Lots of bubbles float through the air. Big balls are lazily tossed from person to person. Girls wear flowers in their hair.

We end with a public service reminder – Gold is the New Green. This is how they’re ‘selling’ the fact that we’re in a drought and it’s cool to let your lawn go yellow-brown and die. So there you have it.

Solstice dogs

Solstice costumed dogs

Chalk on State Street

Solstice parade

Child State Street

Chalk on State Street

Solstice parade

Flowers in the hair

Solstice parade trojan horse

Huge ball

Solstice parade

Gold is the new green

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