We had a visit from the kid

It was really great to have Elizabeth with us last weekend. She came in around midnight and her poor parents had a hell of a time waking up and going to get her, but once home and after some sleep it all went great! We took her to the beach first thing in the morning and then to breakfast and then into Santa Barbara for some brewery hopping.

The next day, we visited one of our favorite wineries, Rideau, and sat on the lawn in the sunshine and sipped a glass of vino. Later that night, it was back to the beach for oysters by the moonlight. Monday was the fourth of July and it was sailing and fireworks. We invited friends to come sit on the boat with us and enjoy the up-close-and-personal view of the fireworks right over our heads. It was great fun and we were super tired the next day.

A terrific visit all ’round.

Rideau winery

Wine tasting

Oysters by moonlight

Night at Goleta beach

Sailboat Santa Barbara

Liz and I sailing


Steve and Liz sailing

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