Pre-Christmas Getaway to Cambria

Nothing new to this story but we’ve been working TOO HARD. The only way to get Mr. Man to rest is to get him completely removed from work and that often means going some distance. Travelzoo had a great deal on a stay in Cambria where they had a Christmas market with lights and hot spiced wine. They also threw in wine tasting passes so this was a real no-brainer. We escaped for a couple of days prior to the Christmas holiday. We started on foot toward town and had to snap this photo – these weeds were way taller than us!

Just a quick walk and then ta-da! You’re wine tasting. We stopped at Fermentations right on Main Street. Cute little place with super friendly pourers. Really proud of us, we did not join the wine club. We bought some wine and a cool sweatshirt but did not join. This is a big accomplishment for us.

On the way back, we saw some cute little deer. That’s not a big deal in Colorado but here it stops people in their tracks. These were tiny deer with big ears. Sorry about the photo – it was dark.

We circled the Christmas lights all around the grounds.


The next day, we toured Hearst Castle – very cool story that but it was pouring buckets of rain and that experience deserves another blog post, coming right up!

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