Hearst Castle Tour in the Pouring Rain

We don’t get rain often these days in California (you probably knew that). We’ve had a drought for years and rain is something special. Like snow, but not sadly. 🙁 So, we don’t complain when it rains. When it rains BUCKETS that’s another story. We had our umbrellas (aren’t we so prepared?) but mine promptly failed due to old age and being cramped up in a folded position for far too long. I got a new one and it’s so pretty. I digress.

We toured Hearst Castle on our pre-Christmas getaway and took tour tours: the upstairs tour and the cottages and kitchen tour because really, this is where all the fun stuff happens anyway, right?

You can read all about the castle, why and how it was created on your own time. What I really found fascinating and totally amazing was that the architect was a WOMAN (fist bump to all my women friends!). Her name was Julia Morgan and she started on it in 1919, an extraordinary time for a woman architect. No kidding, Julia Morgan is my new hero and goes in my list of people I’d like to meet in heaven.

We’ll get to the photos now, but just so you know we caught none of the views. Seriously it was pouring barrels of rain and despite the umbrellas, we were soaked to our knees after the tours.

Upstairs Hearst Castle Tour Photos

Now, we’ll pause for a brief run out in the rain.

My camera battery pooped out here, so I don’t have many cottage pics and zero kitchen pics. You’ll have to bug Steve for those.

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