Sailing into the New Year

Last night was New Year’s Eve – Happy New Year everyone! We decided to go sailing on the big catamaran at the Santa Barbara Sailing Center and let someone else man the sails and the helm while we sipped sparkling wine (it’s not champagne unless it’s from France, people!).

It was cold! So cold, not kidding really cold. We were bundled up pretty good with layers, hats, gloves, etc. but some people came on board in dresses and heels expecting something else. Lucky for them, they had blankets to keep some of the warmth in but it really was cold. Of course, it’s always cooler on the water and in the wind too.

It was nothing crazy, just getting out on the water and tooling down the coast in a big loop and heading back, but it was glorious to see the sun set and the seals settle down.


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