We’re doing the Whole30 – have you tried it?

So, I wanted to reset my diet a bit. Yes, in January – how typical. Luckily Mr Man decided to join me. I know I could have done it without him, but I’d be far more swayed to cheating and way more grumpy if wasn’t in it too.

You can find a ton of stuff about it online, but the short version is that we eat only meat, eggs, veggies and fruit. That leaves a huge long list of stuff we don’t eat and it’s making us do a whole lot of cooking at home because you basically can’t eat out unless it’s a salad and a piece of grilled meat. We managed to eat once at a restaurant and we’ve been on the eating program (not a diet!) for 6 days now.

What does it feel like?

So far, I’ve had a low grade headache for a week and very low energy levels. I don’t eat a lot of carbs, but of course, I drink them so the carb withdrawal is BRUTAL.

I am enjoying cooking with my guy though – that’s fun. Instead of snacking his way through the kitchen the minute he comes through the door, he has to have a meal with me and that’s fun (it’s lonely eating dinner alone).

I’m craving a diet coke like a dehydrated person craves water and I don’t even drink them that often. I think it’s the sweetness I’m looking for. There is zero sweet in this diet – no sugar, or any sugar substituted. If you want something sweet, better peel a banana.

This morning I baked eggs in avocado halves and served them with some lightly sauteed mushrooms – it was great!

I’m sniffling and congested a lot less. My guess is that it’s the loss of dairy? We’ll find out when we reintroduce foods starting in February.

Very interesting stuff.

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