Whole30 Update and I Cheated (it tasted SO Good)

So, this week my 9-day headache is finally over. I’ve got some of my energy back, and I’m convinced I’m losing weight. I haven’t gotten on the scale (it’s against the rules) so we’ll have to see at the end of January.

I still drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day. My doctor said, “that’s nice but not enough.” Well, it’s going to have to do. I also drink several cups of tea a day or one large iced tea. I have a cup of herbal tea before bed now too instead of wine (more on that in a minute).

I did have a half a diet coke this week. It was the best thing in a long time. Not to say that all this food we’re eating isn’t delicious, and I thought I’d crave wine more than I do – but it turns out it’s the occasional diet coke that I crave.

Steve has discovered that he’s got a sugar monster. No one that knows him is surprised by this, but it’s been an interesting experience for him. He’s noticed that he frequently turns to a sugar fix to meet a need. He’s noticed when he’s craving it. The first week, I think he may have eaten his weight in fruit to survive the need for sweet.

We both notice that we don’t need sweetener in our iced tea anymore. At first, we thought “What is this bitter stuff I’m drinking and why am I drinking it?” Now, I like it without sweetener. Very interesting.

On Friday, however, I did have a big glass of wine. It was my first in two weeks and it was good, really good. I watched a movie I wanted to watch and enjoyed the heck out of that wine.

This morning, back on it. Grapefruit for breakfast and a weight workout followed by a bike ride.

After nearly two weeks of off and on, light and heavy rain it was lovely to get outside. Seems I wasn’t the only one either – everyone is outside, on bikes, at the beach, on sidewalks.

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