Rain, Rain in California

Not sure if you’ve heard but we’re in a drought here and rain has been hard to come by. The last two weeks seem to have turned the tide. Now, I don’t know how far out of the drought we are (if any) but it’s been raining off and on with only an afternoon of sunshine here and there.

I’m talking lots of rain. Buckets and buckets and the real storm is supposed to happen tonight.

So much rain you can stop at the local fire department and pick up your sand bags to prevent the water from coming in your house. (Not your basement, we don’t have basements here.)

rain backyard

Buckets and buckets of rain. Last weekend, I started painting the cute Adirondack chairs that are supposed to go around our outdoor fire pit.

painting chairs

We were happy to note how much water we were getting.

rain in candle holder

The lawn is an overgrown mess now.

overgrown yard


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